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Funerary Terms to Consider

Deciding on the funerary options that you want for your loved one requires you to know as much about the choices as possible. Most people know what to expect about the most common options, but there are other terms you may hear that you may not know. To ensure that you make the best possible decision, there are some terms that providers of cremation services in Turley, OK want you to know about.


If your loved one preplanned arrangements, this can mean that you should take some time to see what these are. You may hear a term like burial insurance, which covers the actual burial of the person. You may also hear about irrevocable trusts, which are arrangements that the person made and which could not be changed once they started paying for them. A revocable trust, on the other hand, is one that could be changed as needed. You may want to keep that in mind as you start dealing with the arrangements.


There are many different funerary services that you may choose from. You may hear about having a viewing and you may not be sure what that means. A viewing allows you to see the casket and to go right up to say whatever you need to say to the person you lost. Visitation is another kind of service, one that makes it possible to greet the family of the deceased and offer your condolences. Another term you may come across is a celebration of life. This kind of service is more like a party and allows you to honor the memory of the person and not just focus on their loss.


cremation services in Turley, OKThere are also words that deal with urns and caskets that you will want to know about. A catafalque, for example, is the stand on which the casket is placed during the service. You may also hear about columbarium niches. These are places in which an urn can be placed so that you can visit them at the cemetery. The monument is another term related to cremation, which means the actual placing of the cremated remains in the urn. Having an idea of what the terms mean can be crucial when making arrangements.


As you start making arrangements for your loved one, you will want to have as much information as possible on the options you have. Take the time to learn some of these terms and never hesitate to ask for more information if you are not sure what something means. The provider you have chosen will be more than happy to help you. If you want to get started planning your loved one’s funerary services, you can reach out to a Turley, OK cremation service provider like us. Our team is here to help you throughout the entire process so that there are no issues. Give us a call today or stop by now to speak with one of our experts about the many options we can offer.