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Helping Someone Who is Grieving

If you know that a loved one is grieving a loss, it can seem almost impossible to be certain of how to best help them. People tend to be unsure of what they should say to someone who is grieving or what they should offer to do for them. If that is something you are going through now and you are not sure of how to best help, there are some tips to remember. Here are the things that directors of funeral homes in Tulsa, OK want you to know.


You want to let your loved one know that they can always come to you. This may be something you think they already know but that is not necessarily the case. People tend to not want to bother anyone with what they are going through and so they may not share what they are feeling. By letting them know that you are there for them and that they can always come to you, you will be able to offer them the chance to express what they are feeling.


Remember that if they do come and speak with you about all of this, you want to listen actively but not interject too much. People have a tendency to share their own experiences with grief but this can be something that makes the person feel like their own grief is not that important. Unless the person asks you directly for your own experience with the death of a loved one, focus on what they are going through and nothing else.


Offer specific help. Giving a blanket offer of help makes the person less likely to accept and that is not what you want. By making a specific offer, they are much more likely to accept it. The offer can be as simple as running to the store for them or it can be to help them with some of the arrangements they need to make. Be sure to think about that.


People who are grieving tend not to want to cook. This can mean that they do not eat or that they turn to fast food options. That is not what you want. Instead, you can prepare meals that are easy to heat up. This will ensure that they are getting the nutrition they need.


When thinking of ways that you can help someone who is grieving, these are all important ones to remember. You want to be sure that you let them know they can always come to you and that you offer help that is specific. You can learn more about how to help someone who is grieving by reaching out to a Tulsa, OK funeral home like us at Butler-Stumpff & Dyer Funeral Home & Crematory. We are ready to help you with the arrangements you need to make for a loved one or with anything else you want to know about grieving a loss. Call us now to learn more or visit us today.