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How to Personalize an Obituary

If you have decided to write the obituary for a loved one, the last thing you want is for it to sound generic or like anyone else’s. Many times, people may lose interest when reading obituaries because they are not personal and they can sound a bit dry. To avoid this, there are some things you can do. Here are the tips that providers of cremation services in Tulsa, OK want you to know when personalizing an obituary.


Try to incorporate the personality of your loved one. If they were people who were serious, then the obituary should follow that same sedate tone. If they loved telling jokes and loved being the life of the party, then you want to think about using humor in the obituary. Many people even choose satire. That can be something important that you want to consider so that you can infuse a bit of your loved one’s personality into the writing.


Consider adding examples of things your loved one was passionate about. It is not enough to tell people they were avid sports fans. Instead, you can give an example of something extraordinary they did to get seats to a game or if they had a wall in their home dedicated to sports memorabilia. People will remember these kinds of details and it will make the obituary unique. Anything they were passionate about, you want to mention in the obituary.


Another thing to consider is adding a quote or any catchphrases that your loved one may have had. Was there a phrase they turn to in moments of difficulty? You can include that in the obituary. These simple things can definitely make the obituary unique and different from those of other people.


At the end of the obituary, you can include the information for the services you are planning and you should also think about adding something unique. If your loved one was into animal welfare, for example, you can ask for donations for a local shelter. This makes even the end of the obituary unique and special.


When getting ready to write the obituary you want for your loved one, it can be important to find ways of making it a bit different. You want to personalize it and add details about the deceased that others may not know. You can include mentions of hobbies or passions, and you want to add experiences that made the person unique. Think of the tone of the obituary, as well. Not all of them have to be somber and serious. If you want to know more about writing an obituary or if you have other questions related to funerary services, you can reach out to a Tulsa, OK cremation service provider like us at Butler-Stumpff & Dyer Funeral Home & Crematory. We have years of experience and our team is here to help you lay your loved one to rest. You can stop by our location or you can give us a call right now for more information.