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Should Children Attend Services?

When you lose a loved one and you have children, it can be crucial that you consider whether or not to take them to the funeral or memorial service. This can depend on many factors. For lots of children, attending a service can be a great way of getting closure and of saying goodbye to the person, while for others, it cannot offer the same benefits. If you are not sure about taking your child to a service, directors of funeral homes in Sand Springs, OK want you to know a few things.


It is important to gauge your child’s understanding of what death is. You want to let them know about the death in simple but honest words, and this can tell you if they are ready to attend the service. If your child struggles to comprehend what death means, they will not be able to benefit from attending the service. If you see that your child is mourning regularly and that they have questions and concerns, this means that they do have a good understanding of what the death of their loved one means, and they are likely to benefit from going to the funeral or memorial service.


Something else that you want to consider when you make this decision is if your child actually wants to attend. This is not something that every child will want. Some children will let you know at once, while others will take some time to decide. If your child does not want to go, then you do not want to force them to do so, since that can be detrimental. You also want to remember that if the child does want to go, you should still ask them on the day of the service to make certain that they do want to attend. Some children will not be sure if they can let you know if they have changed their minds. Another thing that you can do to offer comfort to someone who is grieving far from where you are is to organize video calls.


You want to think about how close the person was to your child. You can see this in their reaction to the death, as well. If they are very upset, this means that the person meant a lot to your child. Many times, a child will insist on going to the service because of this, and you want to be sure to let them. It is crucial to listen to your child to get a good sense of what they are dealing with.


All of these things are important to remember when deciding if your child should go to the service of your loved one. You want to be sure that your child understands what death means and that they can get the benefits of going to the service. If the child does want to attend, you should let them do so, but if they do not, you should not force them. This can be crucial. If you want to know more about taking a child to a service, you can reach out to a Sand Springs, OK funeral home like us. We have years of experience, and we can help you with all of the guidance that you need. You can give us a call right now or you can stop by right now.