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Grief and the Holiday Season

Having a loved one die is always going to be a difficult thing to go through, but it can be even more so during the holiday season. If you are struggling with grief and you want to make sure that you know how to cope with the festivities, it can help to know a bit […]

funeral homes in Tulsa, OK

How to Write a Funeral Announcement

One of the things that you may want to consider doing after the death of a loved one is to send a funeral announcement or have one posted. Not everyone knows that it is customary to do this. Many funeral homes offer to write one for you, but if you prefer to do it yourself, […]

funeral homes in Tulsa, OK

Do You Need Grief Counseling?

When you go through the loss of a loved one, you may not be sure that you are going through the process correctly. Grieving can be different for everyone but there are some signs to look for that can mean you may not be processing it as you should be. This can be a big […]

funeral homes in Tulsa, OK

Planning a Celebration of Life

As you start thinking about the kind of funerary services you want to offer a loved one who has passed away, you want to remember that not everyone would have wanted a traditional funeral or memorial. For some people, a somber event might feel wrong, which is why some people choose a celebration of life […]

funeral homes in Tulsa, OK

Catholic Funeral Services

If you are thinking of attending the service for a loved one who is a Catholic, it is important to understand that the Catholic service can be a bit different than a regular service. Many times, people hesitate to attend this kind of service because of that difference. If that is something that you’re worried […]

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