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After the passing of a loved one, many people are uncertain what their next steps are. Lost in their own emotional pain, it can be difficult to focus on the logistical details of funeral home and cremations planning in Turley, OK. Fortunately, there are excellent professionals and firms ready to help you carry out aftercare services so that you can spend more time with family and friends in this time of sorrow.

That being said, certain things can only be handled with your involvement. Some important decisions must be made very shortly after your loved one passes, while other decisions can wait a day or two. As you begin to arrange the funeral or memorial services for your fallen loved one, here are several things you should handle right away:


Notify Authorities

Where the death happened determines which authorities should be contacted. If your loved one has died at a medical facility, such as a hospital or nursing home, the staff will alert you and the proper authorities. If the person has died at work, at home, or another location, you should call their doctor and emergency services immediately. They will assess the cause of death. If your loved one passed away with no one else present, you should notify the police. They will review the situation to make sure no foul play was involved. Be sure you do not move the deceased until after the police instruct you to do so.


Call a Qualified Funeral Home and Cremations Provider in Turley, OK

Funeral directors are generally compassionate people by nature and will listen as you explain your situation and needs. They will ask several questions and provide forward-looking guidance and solutions for you to consider. Once you confirm what you’d like to do, they can arrange immediate care and transport of your deceased loved one. Later, you’ll meet with them in an arrangement conference to make funeral or memorial plans at their funeral home.

The funeral director will give you instructions on any immediate items or actions needed on your part. You may be requested to bring burial clothing, and certain documentation or paperwork. Funeral directors and their staff will be a mainstay of care and support as you move through the funeral experience.


Notify Friends and Family

It’s best to inform close friends and immediate family about the death and funeral service plans as soon as possible. You should choose to contact them by phone or in-person so that they receive the news directly. All others can be given notice by email or social media, or obituary notice. Try to share the information across the various social and professional circles that the deceased was connected within their life.


Attend the Arrangement Consultation

The first formal meeting with a funeral director is to help you choose the service wanted for the person who has died. If any pre-planning details are in place, the meeting will be less about planning the fine details and more about polishing the desired funeral services or cremation services. Many questions will be asked and answered on both sides of the table. If there are no prearrangements, questions and discussion may include:

  • What type of service is wanted: casket burial or cremation and inurnment
  • Desired location, date, and time of funeral or memorial
  • Relevant aftercare faith traditions and cultural preferences, if any
  • Cemetery burial site
  • Obituary and public notice
  • Logistical preparations, including hearse and vehicle processions
  • Service personalization details

Many other important items will be discussed at the planning meeting. The additional conversation will also focus on the life story of the deceased. Details of who they were in life, their character, personality, achievements, and challenges all help the funeral director to make sure the tribute service is personalized around the person for whom the service is being held, rather than the proceedings themselves.


Death Certificate Request

The death certificate is a legal document signed by the deceased’s physician, a medical examiner, or a coroner. It identifies vital details about the person that has died, when and where it occurred, and what was their cause of death. A funeral home and cremations firm in Turley, OK will be very familiar with the process of obtaining and filing these forms with the county when required. They can also aid you in obtaining multiple certified copies for use in closing their personal affairs such as any financial accounts, benefits, property transfers or sales, etc.


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Since 1966, our family business has been providing quality funeral home service and cremations in Turley, OK to our community of friends and neighbors. Butler-Stumpff & Dyer Funeral Home & Crematory considers it a privilege to help families in their hour of need and seek to provide the highest quality care possible. Our funeral home is found at 2103 E 3rd St Tulsa, OK 74104. Call on us anytime for help at (918) 587-7000.


Funeral & Cremation FAQs

How much does a funeral typically cost?

Funeral costs can differ significantly based on a number of circumstances, including location, funeral home, services chosen, and additional expenses. On average, traditional funerals in the United States may range from $7,000 to $12,000 or more. However, costs can be lower for more straightforward services, such as direct cremation or immediate burials. It’s advisable to consult with local funeral homes for more accurate and specific pricing information.

Is embalming necessary before cremation?

No, embalming is not necessary before cremation. In many cases, refrigeration or other preservation methods are sufficient. However, the need for embalming may depend on factors such as the time between death and cremation and specific funeral home policies. Families can discuss options with the funeral director based on their preferences and circumstances.

What military honors are provided for veterans at their funerals?

Veterans at their funerals receive customary military honors, including the folding and presenting the American flag to the next of kin. A bugler may play “Taps,” and a rifle salute is often part of the ceremony. These honors are coordinated by military representatives and serve as a tribute to the veteran’s service.