Honoring Veterans

Veterans Cemeteries

It is an honor to be buried in a National Cemetery!
Save your family up to $14,500.

Military Honors

To honor a person’s service in defense of our freedoms, we frequently arrange for our nation’s veterans to be commemorated with special military observances. Depending on the branch of service and availability, military detachments may provide a color guard, the playing of taps, pall bearers, clergy, or even a highly distinguished gun salute.

We have contacts with all branches of the military. Proper arrangements can be made for you easily and efficiently.

In addition, we can order a veteran’s cemetery marker as well as a Presidential Certificate honoring the life of a veteran on behalf of a grateful nation.

Authorized Veterans Funeral & Cremation Provider

With several American veterans in our family and on our staff, we understand the importance of honoring veterans in both life and death. That’s why we are proud to be one of the few select handpicked Veterans Funeral Care providers in northeast Oklahoma. This National endorsement places our Funeral Home within a network of preferred providers that can offer special programs and assistance plans with significant savings for veterans.

Our staff is trained to handle the details of making burial and cremation arrangements for veterans. With a direct contact line to the Veterans Administration, we can assist you in benefits verification and arrangements as well as applying for the Pre-registration Program.

If you have questions or need additional assistance in determining eligibility, please call and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff.

Veterans funeral homes are an excellent resource for veterans or their families to use in planning the funeral of a loved one. Veterans funeral homes tend to cater specifically to veterans, offering discounts and amenities that other funeral homes do not provide. For example, many veterans’ funerals include military honors such as the playing of Taps by a bugler or firing squad. These things can be expensive if they aren’t part of your original plans but many veterans’ organizations will help finance them so you don’t have to worry about draining your bank account on top of everything else during this difficult time. If you and your family look hard enough, you might find a veterans’ funeral home that will work with your budget and provide the services and amenities you want for your loved one.


The Difference Between a Traditional Funeral and a Veteran’s Funeral

The veteran’s funeral is a more personal service. It allows the family to pay their respects intimately, while also being able to celebrate what this brave man or woman did for our country during wartime.

The traditional form of committal can sometimes feel impersonal because it uses protocols that are set out by law rather than adapting them specifically for veterans’ needs – but at least one organization has started offering these ceremonies so people don’t have to be uncomfortable about how they’re processed just yet.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has developed a guide explaining what can be done to give veterans’ funerals more meaning, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t already some options for how people who have passed away while serving this country are honored.


How to Plan A Veteran’s Memorial Service

Planning a veteran’s memorial service is an honor and responsibility that not everyone takes on. It can be difficult, but it allows you to have full control over how much input people should have during the ceremony while still leaving room for them in case they want their voice heard or just because this event means something special to all attendees regardless of what kind of injury led someone into military life as well as if there were any surviving family members left behind at home waiting anxiously by the phone wondering where he/she went off too. Here are some tips to make your own veterans funeral successful:

Make a list of all the people you would like to be in attendance at your memorial service. You will want to include anyone and everyone that you know well, such as childhood friends, family members (even distant ones), co-workers, fellow students from school, churchgoers; essentially anyone who was there for you during the good times and bad. This list should also contain any public officials or private business owners who helped make life easier to help you reach your goals. From this you can contact your desired funeral director and he/she can do the rest. The funeral director may ask you what specifics you want for your veterans funeral.


What Can You Do to Honor Our Nation’s Heroes After They’ve Passed On?

Donate blood. The sacrifice of an American warrior is unmatched, and it would mean more than anything else in this world if their final act was returning home from the battlefield triumphant or battered but still alive with purpose- not because someone needed them there, but solely for personal dedication towards others less fortunate than oneself. It doesn’t matter how old one gets; regardless of whether he has children who need him representing his family legacy all lives count. If you can’t make it to a site where blood is being drawn (or if your city isn’t currently having such an event), there’s another way to help: visit the Red Cross website and simply donate money, with a flag representing your location on a map showing just how much support for this cause is going around.