Worry-Free Cremation™

Why So Many Choose to Plan in Advance

Why make these arrangements in advance? Because all of your thoughts and wishes will be documented. Your family will know what you want, and not what they think you want. We’ll help you put it in writing.

Taking the time to document your wishes will help avoid family disagreements or involvement by others who may not know what your wishes are. You will also be able to discuss with your family what their wishes are and be able to incorporate those into your plans. Ultimately, your loved ones won’t question:

All those questions are eliminated because you put it in writing. Pre-planning is the first step.

Many people also consider various ways to fund their funeral. Funding the funeral guarantees that the goods and services selected will not cost your family anything more.

Pre-planning along with pre-funding work together to bring you peace of mind. Your survivors will not be burdened with decisions regarding your funeral.

Since 1960, the number of pre-planned funerals has increased by 1000%. Why such a dramatic increase? Because pre-planning guarantees:

  • your wishes will be fulfilled.
  • you will spare your loved ones any unnecessary financial burden.
  • to eliminate your familyʼs doubts about choices.
  • to allow you to take full control of your funeral right now.
  • you can save your loved ones the trauma of making difficult decisions without knowing exactly what you have wanted.
  • to allow you to confer with your loved ones and make your plans together, thus resolving your most personal matters with a clear mind, in a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.
  • you will save the people you care about most from the emotional turmoil and burdensome decisions that an unplanned funeral can often bring.


Price Guarantee

By making the decision to pre-pay now, you will lock in the cost of your funeral at today’s prices, even if you live for another 50 years. When you pre-arrange and pre-pay, you can be assured that definite arrangements have been made and no other financial decisions need to be faced.

Your pre-payment funds are held by one of Oklahomaʼs leading reputable financial institutions, American Century Life, in a special contract, designed solely for providing the exact funeral you have chosen at the time of need. No matter what the cost of fulfilling your last wishes at your time of need, pre-payment guarantees the cost will remain constant, regardless of inflation. In fact, since pre-paying ensures that you are protected against inflation, you can save thousands of dollars to spend as you please or leave to your loved ones.

Make it your goal to give your family the same peace of mind that so many other people already have. Take that important first step and make your wishes known today. Call us at (918) 587-7000 or use our Online Request Form.