Signature Services

We assist you with our Signature Services in creating a personalized, lasting tribute for a lifetime of beautiful memories. Influences such as religious and cultural traditions, cost concerns, and personal preferences make each funeral as unique as the person who is being honored. We overlook no detail. If you have any questions about our services or need immediate assistance, call us anytime at (918) 587-7000.

The following specialized signature services will be priced upon request.

Balloon Release

Our Funeral Homes can provide a bouquet of balloons in a variety of colors according to your style and preferences. Some families choose elegant white or a favorite color, while others prefer the joy and cheerfulness of a multicolored display. The balloons are specially formulated to be safe for the environment, and, as they drift gently upward, they leave with us an impression and memory that fills our heart and lasts a lifetime. Our staff will coordinate the release ceremony to occur at just the right moment in the service.

Candlelight Ceremony

The warm glow of illuminated candles displays a certain ambiance that creates a calm and peaceful environment for friends and family. Candles are used in many of life’s special ceremonies. We can also arrange to have candles at your visitation or memorial service that may represent something significant to your family, whether it is a religious, cultural, or sentimental preference. We welcome all special requests involving our candlelight services and other ceremonies.

Dove Release

For millennia, the white dove has been the symbol of the human soul. At a dove release, elegant wings spread into the sky in a burst of energy and exuberance, reminding us of the soul’s ascent to Heaven, and the abundant life that blesses each one of us. This is particularly meaningful for a graveside service. To make this event even more beautiful, our staff coordinates the release with the words of the minister or speaker at the ceremony.

Photo Boards

Many of us preserve and share memories through photographs and other paper mementos that are representative of the cherished moments and accomplishments in life. Newspaper clippings, for example, and even ticket stubs from an important event we once attended are saved and stored. We can arrange all of your special items on a handsome picture board, creating a beautiful collage that brings back memories of days gone by.

Service Video Recording

A funeral service, while a sad occasion, is still a beautiful, healing observance. We can help you preserve the beauty of the commemoration with a video of the service. For families who choose cremation, an experienced videographer is also available to record the scattering or other memorial ceremonies.

When finished, duplicates of the broadcast-quality video may be sent to relatives as a cherished keepsake, and to others who were unable to attend.

We provide the final video on USB flash drive, CD-ROM, or DVD, so that it is compatible with any viewing system. This special form of commemoration is surprisingly affordable, yet a priceless tribute to the life well lived.

Military Honors

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