Selecting the right permanent memorial can be very involved. Let us help you with selection and information about affordable headstones and monuments including veterans headstones, bronze single and double, granite monuments, concrete pads, and more. Call our Monument Design Desk at (918) 587-7000 for more information, prices, and all the choices and features available.


Headstones or grave markers also known as permanent memorials, are usually flat on the ground and are made from granite and bronze with inscriptions. Usually, a vase is purchased for placement of flowers on each grave, which satisfies most cemetery flower regulations. Pictured here is a bronze monument on a granite base.


Monuments including custom statuary or beautiful, personalized benches are usually constructed from granite and stand tall and upright in the cemetery. These upright monuments provide the most room for inscriptions and the choices are endless.

Some Tulsa cemeteries don’t allow the use of any upright monuments, while others may have cemetery plots that restrict the permanent memorial to be only a ground level headstone.

Our cemetery, Rolling Oaks Memorial Gardens, does not impose any restrictions on the use of upright headstones or monuments, which allows for limitless design possibilities.


Mausoleums are an eternal testament of accomplishment and distinction of lives lived. A lifetime of success deserves a permanent testimonial. A personalized, custom-designed private estate mausoleum, constructed to your exact specifications, attests to your worthy achievements. A sound, sensible investment, the customized family mausoleum ensures a peaceful, maintenance-free resting place that will last for centuries to come.

An excellent alternative to a mausoleum is a private family estate. Let us help you explore your options. Call our Cemetery today at (918) 299-5705 for complete details.