Affordable Funerals

Overspending is not a sign of devotion

We have provided personalized and meaningful services to meet the unique needs of countless families. Although not a complete list of the services Butler-Stumpff & Dyer Funeral Home provides, the following are several service type options available:

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  • Chapel Service—A personalized service which can include selections from our Signature Services, including floral tributes surrounding the casket, held in our non-denominational funeral chapel.
  • Church Service—A religious service at your church honoring your loved one’s customs and beliefs in the church that has provided such peace and sanctuary during their life.
  • Graveside Service—A more simple setting for the funeral rites service held at the cemetery burial site, providing a more natural outdoor setting.
  • Memorial Service—A personalized memorial service with photographs and memorabilia can be held in our non-denominational funeral chapel or another location of choice.