Our Crematory, Also Known as a Retort or Crematorium

  1. Our Oklahoma Crematory License is Titled:  Regional Cremation Tulsa
  2. Our Crematory is located at 2103 E 3rd Street, Tulsa, OK 74104
  3. It is available for Inspection.


Most funeral homes do not own their own crematory as the cost to purchase, install, operate, and maintain it are very expensive.


  • Most smaller funeral homes use their neighboring funeral home with a crematory as a third-party service to perform their cremations.
  • Crematories are sophisticated machines consisting of two chambers. The primary chamber is the place in which a coffin is placed. This chamber has at least one burner so that the chamber can be heated and aid in the cremation of a body.
  • This chamber must also have a minimum of one door as to place the body at the beginning of a cremation and retrieve the remains of the body after the cremation has taken place. The secondary chamber sits on top of the primary chamber. The gases which leave the primary chamber enter the secondary chamber, which in turn is burned off at a specific minimum temperature before passing into the exit flue system. This chamber also has a minimum of one burner to generate the temperature but requires no door.
  • Crematories used in today’s industry vary in design and method of cremation across the country and the world.