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Memorializing a Loved One

Honoring a loved one who has died is an excellent way to come to terms with the death and to get closure. If that is something that you want to do but you are not sure where to begin, there are lots of options. There are lots of unique ways to honor a loved one. They can come in different budget ranges, so you do not have to worry about not being to do this if you have limited means. Directors of funeral homes in Tulsa, OK have some suggestions that can make a difference.


For a loved one who enjoyed being outside or who loved plants, it can be a great idea to consider setting up a memorial garden. You can include any kinds of plants or flowers that they loved and you can add ornaments that they would have enjoyed. For example, if the person loved windchimes or garden gnomes, you can include them in the memorial garden. This can be a great activity for the whole family and it can offer lots of healing benefits.


Another beautiful way of honoring the memory of a loved one is to create a memory book. This is a bit like a scrapbook, and you can include lots of different things. You can choose to add recipes that your loved one used to make, song lyrics they loved, quotes, passages from books, ticket stubs of movies and other things that you went to see together, and anything else that you can think of. It can be a good project to do with children, as well.


You can also choose to have a star named after the person. This is something that more people are choosing and that you want to consider. There are lots of companies that can offer this option and you can get a certificate that tells you which star has been named after the person. A thoughtful, pre-planned funeral or cremation service can do just that, and bring comfort to family and friends as well.


funeral homes in Tulsa, OKIf your loved one was someone who was passionate about the arts, sciences, the environment, or any other cause, you can set up a scholarship in their name. This scholarship will allow others to be able to pursue their passions. It can be a lovely tribute to the person you lost, and it can help others, as well. A reputable funeral home will be able to offer the kind of services that you need and will be able to offer upfront pricing that is fair and competitive.


These are some of the options that you want to consider when you decide to memorialize a loved one. You can get the exact kind of memorial that you want to offer your loved one, so be sure to take some time to think of the different choices available. You can choose to do something more homemade, like a memory book, or you can opt to turn to a service that can offer options like naming a star after the person. If you want to learn more about the options you have, you can reach out to a Tulsa, OK funeral home like us. We are ready to answer any questions you may have, and we can help you find the best services. You can give us a call right now or you can stop by our location to get started.